A Fire Inside Out
A Fire Inside Out
3 years ago

Dissecting Blaqk Audio's Only Things We Love

Hello AFI fans, we're back! On March 15th, Blaqk Audio released a new album named Only Things We Love. Since we're a podcast devoted to discussing everything about the band AFI, we couldn't…

4 years ago

Dissecting AFI's The Missing Man EP

Welcome back to our little AFI podcast! We were honored last Friday by the wonderful band AFI releasing a new EP called The Missing Man. Jeff Cork and I have been eager to continue our…

6 years ago

A Fire Inside Out - The First AFI Concert

Well, our long journey through the ins and outs of the band AFI is nearing an end. Last night Jeff Cork and I finally saw the band perform live at 1st Avenue in Minneapolis and we recorded a…

6 years ago

A Fire Inside Out - Dissecting AFI's The Blood Album

It's been an eventful weekend for America and the world... with everyone listening to and talking about AFI's The Blood Album! Jeff Cork and I are back on the AFI bandwagon to talk about their…

6 years ago

A Fire Inside Out - The AFI (The Blood Album) Reveal

We're back! Things are heating up over in the land of the band AFI. After months of patiently waiting in the shadows, the band has launched its all-out campaign to debut its new album simply …

6 years ago

A Fire Inside Out - Dissecting XTRMST

My quest alongside Jeff Cork to discuss all things relating to the band AFI have led us to this recent side-project from two members of AFI called XTRMST. As a straight-edge, hardcore…